All diplomas and transcripts that Diploma Outlet makes for its customers are phony documents and make no claims to be official documentations. These documents are intended to be used as for entertainment or novelty purposes or to replace actual diplomas or transcripts that have been lost or damaged. These products are not indented for use as a replacement of real school documentations and are not meant to be presented as such.

Diploma Outlet and the materials we produce are not intended to be used illegally and the documents we make for customers shall not be used or presented as an official document, under any circumstance. Diploma Outlet, our staff, managers, and partners, can not be held liable for damages that occur as a result of using our products in any way other than the intended use.

If you use the diplomas, degrees, transcripts, or other documents that we produce in a manner that was not in line with these intended novelty uses, you accept all full responsibility. You agree by ordering from our site that you will hold Diploma Outlet and all members and partners free from any fault.

If you do not agree to these product use and limitations for our products, please log off and discontinue use of our site.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We are glad you have considered Diploma Outlet and we look forward to talking to you about your document printing needs.

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