Fake College Transcripts

Making Fake College Transcript

When hiring potential employers, companies tend to directly gauge a candidate’s work ethic and future success to the power of his intellect. While the character of a person is still of utmost significance, more companies are leaning towards the idea that a better workforce is driven by an effective idea mill.

Indeed, many of the booming companies nowadays attribute their success to their people.

Transcript gradingWhile the whole hiring process is getting more filtered and stricter, many people who are driven by the need to keep up with the demands of the workplace resort to illicit means. Fake transcripts generated online is a phenomenon that has already been around for ages and is continuously being patronized by many.

But it was during the past decade that the effects of these fraudulent acts have been largely felt.

It is an undeniable truth that impressive educational records pave way to greater employment opportunities and higher chances for promotion. The cases of Gene Morrison and Stein Bagger showed how far people would go to secure themselves a promising future. From stable careers and prominence, these two plummeted to the lowest rungs of the social ladder when their fraudulent educational records were discovered.

Meanwhile, the growing awareness and distraught this malpractice has brought universities and employers alike induce them to increase their efforts in finding the perpetrators and solve this ethical dilemma through time.

Still, the confidence of people patronizing these phony documents stem from the increasing number of fake transcript selling companies online and their promise of trusted, reliable, and high-quality service.

The mentality becomes centered in this: If everybody is getting away with it, then where’s the harm in doing it?

But is it possible to know whether documents are fake or real through simple eye test?

This is highly doubtful especially for people not well-versed on how the original documents look like. The simplest method involved in the authenticity test is the presence of the official school seal. However, with the help of advanced technology, even the intricate design of school seals are easily duplicated.

Some other possible red flags are the records itself. While most protégés and natural-born geniuses can attain perfect grades with ease, not everyone can do it. If presented with an overly impressive record, the employer is expected to do a more extensive background check.

The simplest details such as the quality of paper used, fonts and text alignment, print, and necessary signatures should also be scrutinized.

Nowadays, even transcript verification services are offered by some of these selling companies. This service is too good be true as infiltration of university database is another thing altogether– something you surely won’t get at such a measly price.

It is undeniable that the challenge of fraud detection is too far out. At most, the most realistic way to help control the spread of this malpractice is through heightened efforts in tracing the perpetrators.

However, unless the users finally see the consequences of their irrational actions, there is no hope of putting an end to this dilemma anytime soon.



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