Do Fake Diploma Generators Exist?

Cracking The Code: Do Fake Diploma Generators Exist?

Education is such an expensive privilege. Yes, both literally and figuratively.

The world judges you not on your talents or skills, but on whether or not you have a diploma. Now before you go bonkers, I’d like to tell you that not all employers think that way. Especially now with tech startups booming and freelance working in full effect, it’s much easier to get a job and make a living without a diploma.

Unfortunately, life isn’t always fair. Most corporate jobs will require a college diploma before they even take a good look at your resume’. And because of this, many frustrated job-seekers find themselves desperate and grasping for straws. And with desperation comes the urge to go blackhat.

MWPJ9JM736Some hopeful employees turn to fake diplomas as a solution to their problem. It’s one scary and dangerous path to take, but there have been reports and exposes’ on individuals who took advantage of faking their college degree.

The question now is; how does it work? How can someone fake their diploma?

Fake Diploma Makers Online

People don’t even have to leave home just to have a fake diploma created. There are means and ways online to get in contact with a fake diploma maker.

Finding one will be hard because these people work discreetly. If the government finds out, they could be in for a long, long time in jail. This makes it hard for individuals to actually seek a fake diploma maker online. Websites and emails can be tracked, so there is really no privacy security online. Ashley Madison hack, anyone?

What usually happens is that an exchange of information online is done, mostly using keywords or jargon as to not get tracked. Then the actual transaction happens offline.

Before the internet became a big thing, fake diplomas were already accessible. They are just more rampant nowadays thanks to technology.

For those who are not big risk takers, there’s another option.

Fake Diploma Generators

One option in this already illegal path that frustrated job seekers are willing to take are fake diploma generators.

Not only can you create wedding invitations online, even making your own college diploma in minutes is a possibility.

A fake diploma generator can be found online. Some services require a certain fee for you to be able to use it. It’s basically a plug n’ play process that gets you a ready to frame diploma in just a few minutes.

There are free fake diploma generators, but the quality is a bit suspect. This is why people would rather pay someone to make a diploma than gamble on an online diploma generator.

Which is Better?

Of course cheating your way to a diploma is not the best solution. But if you ever find yourself in such predicament where you have no other choice, it is best to get in touch with a diploma instead.

A fake diploma generator is not without flaw. You could get in deep trouble if you get exposed that you have a fake diploma, so taking extra precautions is always advised.

Hire a fake diploma maker that is trusted, proven, and has years and years of experience if you really need it.

If by any chance you’re not in a rush and you do have the means, taking a free online degree program is always better than committing fraud. The choice is yours.

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